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Skype Voice Changer

Skype Voice Changer is a cute application for Windows users who want to make funs on Skype. It can flexibly change your voice pitch to a girl or a robot in Skype call. Before changing voice in Skype call, you need to get Skype Voice Changer connected to Skype. The free trial version only allows to try the cat voice for less than 3 minutes. If you want to make it for unlimited use, please buy a full version to remove all the limitations.

Skype Voice Changer allows you to send sound emotions to the contact of Skype. It has includes some most ever used sound emotions in the version you have installed. More sound emotions are provided for free on our official website. If you have any suggestion about the sound emotion, please feel free to let us know.

Want to keep a record of the happy time? Skype Voice Changer also supports to record Skype conversations in high-quality audio files. You can save the conversation as a memento, or share it with friends. It takes advantages of AthTek Skype Recorder, thus it has the same excellent recording quality.

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Key Features

One Cilck to Select Your Favorite Voice

Skype Voice Changer has preset four voice types, Robot, Boy, Girl, and Cat. With just one click, you can change your voice completely different. No matter your own voice pitch is high or low, you can pretend to be someone else in the Skype call.

Move the Scroller for Fine Tuning

Slightly move the scroller or click on the range of voice pitch, you can get your voice precisely changed. Use the Test function, you can preview the voice changing result easily. After the fine tuning, you will find the satisfactory voice pitch.


Synchronous Voice Changing in Skype Call

There are may asynchronous voice changing applications on the market, but only this Skype Voice Changer can change your voice smoothly and does what it should do. Some of the voice changing tool need to record your voice before make a change on it. That is ridiculous. Skype Voice Changer should be able to change your voice and send it to your Skype caller synchronously. This is why only this Skype Voice Changer is the real voice changing software for Skype.

Safe & Clean

It is a reliable Windows application for Skype users. You don't have to install any audio drive like other voice changing software (AV Voice Changer or else). That will definitely destroy your original audio drives and bring unexpected errors to your system. This Skype Voice Changer only change your voice in Skype call. It won't take in charge of your audio devices.

Send Sound Emotions

Skype Voice Changer has includes many sound emotions on to the board. Simply click on any of them, it will be sent out to your friend on Skype. It is a new way to express your emotion just like emoji. For example cheer, kiss, giggle, etc.

Record Skype Call

Skype Voice Changer takes advantages of AthTek Skype Recorder which is featured as best recording quality. Any Skype calls can be automatically recorded with high-quality. You don't need to buy a Skype Recorder to record the funny conversation.

Smart, Funny & Easy to Use

No need to read any tutorial or instruction, just install and open it, you will know how it runs. The interface is very clean and intuitionistic. No matter who wants to use it, children, adults or seniors, everyone can handle it in seconds.