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Free Voice Changer

Free Voice Changer is a state of the art voice changing program for Windows. It can change the voice pitch of an audio file flexibly and it is an ideal tool for making comical dubbings. It enables you to speak in a kaleidoscope of voice in the recordings. We have made this audio software free in the hope of you will try Skype Voice Changer.
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Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 | link

Free but Capable:
Make Dubbing

Make Dubbings

Create funny voices to dub videos. Most of people use this free voice changer to make dubbings for movies and family videos.

Optimize Voice

Optimize Recordings

Optimize your voice in existing audio recordings. It can not only change the voice pitch, but also change the voice speed.

Maintain Timbre

Maintain the Timbre

It is the only voice changer which can maintain your timbre after voice changing. Only the voice pitch and speed will be changed.

importable and Exportable

Importable & Exportable

You can import a recording in *.wav, *.wma or *.mp3 file formats and then export the new recording in *.wav file format.

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Dubbing Tool
Download and Enjoy Dubbing Today!
  • Change voice pitch and speed in audio file.
  • Maintain the timbre in voice changing..
  • High-quality and easy-to-use.
  • Free for lifetime.
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Skype Voice Changer


I have been looking for a handy voice changer for quite a long time, and I have ever tested most of them including av voice changer, voxal voice changer, etc. Until I found this one, none of them impressed me. You have made a great app. Thanks!
James Ramage
What a fantasy free tool! No useless interface and functions, it enables me to dub my videos with flexible voices!
Carter Bither, broadcaster in Houston
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